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Put your money where your mouth is: Google Analytics

All of a sudden I saw the light. In this series I evangelize that Google is evil, and how I don't want to be tracked. But meanwhile I secretly tell Google that you are reading my blog, via Google Analytics. Which is at least a bit hypocritic.

I don't even remember why I ever put the Google Analytics script on mysite. Sometimes I looked to the list of popular blog posts, but I can do that without Google Analytics. So let's dump it.

Google Analytics in the garbage can

Removing Google Analytics from my site is nothing more than deleting a script. And with those 10 lines of Javascript, I could delete half of my privacy statement as well. Win-win.

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Contacts, calendar and photos: NextCloud FTW

I've never had a mobile phone before 2010. I used to say that if people wanted to contact me, it should take some effort. So when I bought my first mobile phone back in 2010, I wasn't really interested in having a phone; I was looking for a convenient portable computing device. So I got myself a smartphone.

I remember that I really enjoyed that the phone numbers of my contacts were stored in my Google account. This way I didn't have to create a new contact list after flashing a new ROM. (And at once I could get rid of the hand written list I copied every year.)

But this convenience comes with a price. Google knows all my contacts, and their phone numbers. Let's put this to an end.

Apps that have permissions to access my contacts

As from today, NextCloud will be the one that keeps my contacts, calendar and photos.

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Getting rid of Google

I've never trusted Google less than today. Yet Google has never known me better. Google knows my contacts and my calendar. Google knows where I am, it has access to all my photos, and it reads lots of the emails I receive. Google used to see my DNS requests, and I would not be suprised if Google has my finger prints.

That is way too much information, this should come to an end. But since I don't want to start over from scratch, I want to do leave Google taking one step at the time. I will start today.

getting rid of google

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How to use a tablet as a third screen for your Ubuntu system

At work I have a docking station, that allows me to use two external screens with my laptop. And I find this extremely useful. I put a terminal window here, some source doe there, a similar source file over there, and I need to write a unit test while looking up things on Stack Overflow. So those three screens are easily filled.

Sometimes I work from home. I don't have a docking station at my place, and I can use only one external screen. This works as well, but often I miss the extra screen real estate. We do have a tablet though, mainly used by our children. Those are typically away or asleep when I code... So how difficult could it be to use the tablet as an external screen?

a tablet as external screen

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Blog update

I wrote my previous blog post almost 2 years ago. So let's try to wake this site up. It seems that I need to update some of the general info on this site. It could also use a new theme.

So I am now creating a brand new site (with the old content), using nikola 7.8.15, using virtualenv. This is still work in progress. The theme is already there, but there still is content that's out of date.