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Debian 11, XFCE and a bluetooth mouse

Last week, I gave an old laptop a second life. It's an old ASUS, I think it came with Windows 8 back in the day, and I installed Debian 11 with XFCE on it. This looks very retro, but it works like a charm. I can now use the battery for serveral hours, while with Windows it would die after 5 minutes. And today I got my bluetooth mouse working.

a bluetooth logitech mouse, sitting on the laptop

Here is what I did:

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Running apache and php-fpm as services in a gitlab-ci job

I've been using gitlab-ci to automate the end-2-end tests for my PHP-applications for several years now, but I wasn't really happy about the way I got it to work: it involved injecting IP-addresses into configuration files, and starting a web server as a part of the test job.

an elephpant, and the apache and gitlab logo's

Today I can run apache and php-fpm as services, so that the job's script doesn't have to care about the web server, and can fully concentrate on running the actual tests.

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Working around a Pop!_OS networking issue

Update (2021-11-26):

The solution I describe in the original post, did work for a while, and then stopped working. Then I got it working again by removing the kernel modules iwlmvm and iwlwifi, and modprobing iwlwifi again. Worked for a day, and stopped working again. So I guess it just sometimes worked, and sometimes, it didn't.

the TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v2

I think it was just the router. It's a TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND v2, and I installed OpenWrt on it (v19.something), a couple of years ago. Now I upgraded it to v 20.02.1, and I think - hope - that that will finally have solved the problem. I was a little reluctant to flash a firmware update, but it turned out to be very easy. The page for my device on the openWRT wiki had a direct link to the 'upgrade firmware', which I could easily flash using the openWRT web interface (using another device than my laptop, of course).

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Migrating a web app from VueJS to Symfony UX: retrospective

The last couple of weeks, I have been refactoring the frontend of dikdikdik, one of my pet projects, that we use to track the scores when we play the card game 'wiezen'.

twig and class for DelaerSelectComponent

The release of version 3.0, in which I threw out VueJS in favour of Symfony Turbo and Symfony Live Components was announced yesterday, and in this blog post I look back on the refactoring, making some kind of roundup on what I like and dislike about the new frontend I created with those new symfony-ux tools.

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Trying out Symfony Twig Components

Last summer, I attended SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Summer Edition, and I was fascinated by Ryan Weavers talk about Symfony Twig Components.

As the README says on the github project page

Twig components give you the power to bind an object to a template, making it easier to render and re-use small template "units" - like an "alert", markup for a modal, or a category sidebar.

I found the presentation very promising, and I wanted to try using twig components in combination with stimulus for the frontend of dikdikdik, a hobby webapp I maintain, to keep track of the score for the wiezen card game.

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Updating your Symfony app from Mercure 0.10 to Mercure 0.11

Last wednesday I updated dikdikdik, a score sheet app for solo whist, so that it now uses Mercure v0.11, instead of v0.10. I use docker-compose for the development environment of dikdikdik, and GitLab CI/CD to run the end-to-end tests with codeception and selenium.

Mercure v0.11

This was not a trivial update, because v0.11 was a major milestone for the Mercure project. In retrospect, I didn't have to change much, but it took me some time to find out what exactly I had to change, especially to make the end-to-end tests running again.

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Iemand zin om mijn code te reviewen?

Laat ons het hebben over code review. Waarschijnlijk bestaan er verschillende definities van 'code review', ik zal eerst even verduidelijken wat ik met code review bedoel.

In grote lijnen: alvorens er aanpassingen gebeuren aan de broncode van je software, is het de bedoeling dat één van je collega's er eens naar gekeken heeft. Zodat die collega vragen kan stellen, of opmerkingen kan maken.

speelkaart en broncode

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PHP event sourcing aan de kaarttafel

Vandaag ga ik eens wat dieper in op de inner workings van WDEBELEK, de webtoepassing die ik schreef om online te kaarten (wiezen en gelijkaardige spelletjes).

Want het is niet alleen erg fijn dat we in tijden van quarantaine en avondklok nog kunnen kaarten, het is ook bijzonder cool dat de achterliggende software gebruik maakt van event sourcing; dat is toch alleszins wat ik probeer.

Mijn bedoeling is om jullie in al dit moois in te leiden aan de hand van de wijzigingen in de code die nodig waren voor een nieuwe feature die ik onlangs inbouwde: het opnieuw open leggen van een slag die eigenlijk al opgeraapt was.

playing cards

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