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Krak? Boem! My first Symfony Bundle

Earilier this week, I published my first Symfony bundle. Should you use it? I don't think so. But I'm proud that I unlocked this achievement 🏆🔓

A little background.

picture of an elephant and playing cards

Back in 2019, I started writing an application that keeps track of the points when playing whist. I called it dikdikdik, a typical bad name for an open source project. It refers to some catch phrase in Dutch, and it can be used at It has become rather popular over time, which I find very cool.

So ok, I created this app because I wanted something to help us with the scores of our card game. But maybe at least as important: I wanted to create an app to fiddle around, and to learn new things. I wanted to use Symfony and event sourcing, two technologies that were still rather new to me. After some time, I had a fun project, and I talked about it in a lightning talk at the last PhpBenelux conference (ever? 😢) in 2020.

Not long after that, in 2020, Covid broke out, and we couldn't play cards anymore because of the restrictions. So we needed an app to play cards online. Because I wanted that one to be event sourced as well, and because I didn't want to write everything again, I extracted all relevant classes and interfaces to a php package. rva-vzw/krakboem was born.

This package worked quite well for a couple of years. But things have changed. Back then, I used php 7.4. Now there's php 8.3, with final and readonly. I know more about the relationship between Traversable and Generator. I also have better understanding about what infrastructure code exactly is. And recently I learned how to use deciders, and krakboem didn't know deciders.

So krakboem could use an update, and that's what I did. I rearranged the classes, added final and readonly, introduced deciders. And while doing this, I also extracted all symfony messenger and doctrine code, and moved that to a bundle. So now I have a krakboem-bundle. And I also tagged version 1.0 of the base krakboem package 🎉

Not that I'm 100% happy with how krakboem is structured, but I didn't want to move every class around. And I'm fairly sure that it will be useful again for a couple of years without needing lots of changes.

The bundle is still experimental (version 0.1.2 at the moment); I don't really know yet how to properly create a bundle. But I am happy, because it already takes care of the dependency injection for the doctrine and messenger infrastructure.

So next thing on my to-do will be: upgrade my other krakboem-based projects, so that they all use my new bundle. I don't expect this to be a whole lot of work, but I don't have a whole lot of time either. So we'll see how it works out.


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