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Log on to Fedora 14 with your active directory credentials

You can use your active directory username and password to login to a PC running Fedora 14. This is how I did it:

Install pam_krb5 and samba-winbind:

yum install pam_krb5 samba-winbind

Click ‘System’, ‘Administration’, ‘Authentication’. Enter the root password.

Enter the following settings (adapt ‘MYDOMAIN’, ‘EXAMPLE.COM’, and ‘mydcn’ to your situation)

  • User Account Database: Winbind

  • Winbind Domain: MYDOMAIN

  • Security Model: ads

  • Winbind ADS Realm: EXAMPLE.COM

  • Winbind Domain Controllers: mydc1, mydc2

  • Template Shell: /bin/bash

  • Check ‘Allow offline login’

Click ‘Join Domain’, and enter username and password of a domain account.

Under ‘Advanced options’, Password Hashing Algorithm should be ‘MD5’, and ‘Create home directories on the first login’ should be checked.

Click Apply, and close the window.

Now you should be able to logon with username ‘MYDOMAIN\\myuser’, and your domain password. If you don't want the prefix ‘MYDOMAIN\\’, edit /etc/samba/smb.conf. In the section [global] change

winbind use default domain = false


winbind use default domain = true

and reboot (or restart winbind and/or samba).



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