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StatusThread: saving the trees in discussions

A week or two ago, I disabled the registration of new users on this site: only spammers seemed to be interested in getting an account on my blog.

Nevertheless, if you want to comment on what I write, I think you should have the opportunity to do so. So I decided to post every article I write on, and link to the corresponding discussion, so that everyone with an account can comment on my texts. This way I don't have to do user management, and checking for f***ng spammers.

So far so good. But last week, got upgraded to version 1.0 of StatusNet. Which has tons of new features, but which also 'flattens' the discussion threads. If you go to the page of a discussion, you don't get the tree of messages StatusNet 9.9 generated, you just get the stream of messages in chronological order.

Some people like this, some don't, but this was not what I want as a feedback system for my site. So I quickly programmed something in php, that reconstructs the discussion tree of any discussion. Like for example

As you can probably see, it is pretty basic. I will probably improve it, but as I am famous of my failed projects, I won't promise anything :-) But it is open source, that's something. You can find the code on

UPDATE: In the settings, you can now re-enable the conversation trees:


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